Our Story

The beginning of something special

MandyFlorist was launched in the early days of year 2012. With many years ahead to foresee the beauty of an ugly duckling, it is a brainchild of youthful venture, a seed waiting to sprout the first leaf, a droplet waiting to witness the ripple effect.

With a smorgasbord of ideas waiting to be served on this website, the first in line is the flowers for the coming Valentine's Day. Each one of our flower bouquets represents the identity of people living in Klang Valley - hip yet elegant, understated yet attractive. In addition, they are also made affordable to let the loved ones to experience the joy that flowers bring.

What's in store for the future? It will be the association of love to our daily lives. Think love. Things we do to show our affection. Things we buy to show our fondness. Things that we say to show our sincerity. Think community. A meeting place. Think 'I do'. Before and after committing ourselves to our soulmate. And that's the ultimate direction.